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Detox Me Tea Set of 6 Loose Leaf Tea Tins

Cleanse the guilty feeling of over indulgence with a quick and smart detox. Forget calorie counting or strict diets, get detoxed with 6 complementing Detoxing Tea flavours, especially designed to work together - packaged together in our quirky tea tins which can be taken anywhere, anytime. 

Spruce up your insides with  ayurvedic infusions that help cleanse , restore balance and rejuvenate you. Naturally hydrating teas that may help increase your metabolism and help you feel naturally invigorated. Amazing natural fruity and floral flavours of tea that have no or minimal caffeine, no calories or additives. Neo's Detox Me Tea Collection is vegan, organic and gluten free set of 6, go on spruce yourself or do it with a friend!

This icy sextet contains a loose leaf tea tin each of :

Bewitching Blue Tea
Gorgeous Green Tea
Complexion Tea
Sleeping Beauty
White Tea Silver Needle
Wellbeing Tea