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Anti-Inflammatory Tea Set of 6 Loose Leaf Tea Tins

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Begone,... aches, pains, inflammation and whatever else is a pain in the back side ! Feel rejuvenated and renewed with a complementing set of ayurvedic herbal teas that work super well together. Centuries old recipes and remedies that have passed down generations are put together in these 6 Anti-Inflammatory Tea infusions. Beautifully presented and packaged together in our quirky tea tins which can be taken anywhere, anytime. 

Enjoy delicious ayurvedic teas that help you feel better everyday, feel invigorated and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with these amazing complementing natural fruity and floral flavours of tea that have no or minimal caffeine, no calories or additives. Neo's Anti-Inflammatory Tea Collection is vegan, organic and gluten free set of 6.
Go on feel alive again !

This anti-inflammatory tea pack contains a loose leaf tea tin each of :

Turmeric Tonic
Complexion Tea
Ginger Jiva
Eyebright Tea
White Tea Silver Needle

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