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Would you like to Start a Neo MicroMarket and be Part of the Neo Australia Team?

Neo Australia is now offering an exciting opportunity to committed and motivated individuals who are interested in representing our successful brand at markets and exhibitions as their very own Micro Market. Joining our team would entail selling our successful range of Organic Herbal Teas and Complementing range of Skincare products and learning the science of selling the two together. We would work with you closely initially to help you establish your business and support you throughout the business.

Our Complete Market Kit, Product Manual and Full Training would ensure you would be ready to start at your very first market and be successful. If you would like to join the Neo Australia Market and Events Team, please watch the videos on this page and email us with your contact details. This is an amazing opportunity to own and be successful due to our success at markets and other events by becoming a Neo seller, through our Market business Model.

If you have great sales and people skills and love helping people to choose products that enhance their overall wellbeing, then join us at Neo and become one of our micro market owners and you will benefit from our years of success at markets and lifestyle shows. Great products, great training, a great business opportunity!

Empower Micro-businesses To Help People Feel Better Every Day Through Sustainable & Organic  Health & Beauty.

Check out   https://youtu.be/3QcdUWoIIFw