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Our philosophy is simple - less is more.

"In today's world, time plays a major role in our lives. Neo recognises the importance of time and have developed products that are simple, quick and deliver skin solutions. We have maintained our interconnection with nature as the basis of our products is pure water, essential oils, pure plant extracts and vitamin rich cold pressed oils. This powerful combination, helps you maintain a balance between your own skin type plus gives you the option to enhance your natural beauty & well being.

Our formulations are alcohol free and free of animal testing. Most of our herbal teas complement our skincare and are based on Ayurvedic recipes, are caffeine free, certified organic and have remedial herbs. 

Neo is a fun, colourful and ever young brand that adapts to new trends and ways of life. We strive to produce delightful teas & skincare by minimising our environmental carbon footprint, using biodegradable or plastic free packaging and giving back to the community.  We aim to source Fair Trade, ACO Certified ingredients to offer customers the best in our products. Our Teas are Gluten Free & Vegan.


Our Mission

Our Purpose

From the start of our business and knowledge of petrochemical impact, we were proactive in sourcing sustainable packaging for our product range and the success of incorporating this innovative, sustainable packaging in our range, led us to question what else we could do in our business to reduce our environmental impact. Initiatives include using biodegradable & compostable packaging, reduction in the use of plastic shopping bags, using water-saving taps in our Blenditorium, buying biodegradable tasting cups made from plant material, as well as sourcing high quality products - that don’t harm humans, animals or the earth.

Our Commitment to the Planet

At present our business monitors our energy consumption and we have been evaluated by a third party at being 61% energy efficient in using green energy within our daily activities within the business & Blenditorium. Our aim is to become 100% Carbon Neutral by end of 2025 by finding more ways to reduce our carbon footprint and investigating Path Zero initiatives and incorporating these initiatives into our business. We recently were awarded 2021 Runner Up at the Better Business Partnership Award run jointly by 3 lower north shore Sydney councils.

Our Commitment to our People

We continue to proactively create an inclusive workplace where there is no biased against gender, religion, sexual orientation, making it a safe and fun environment to work within. 
We understand and value the importance of career progression and have options for staff that may want to elevate and move forward within Neo. 

Our Commitment to the Environment
We Give Back

"Since day one of starting this business, it was always decided to contribute somehow to humanity and try to help where we could. Small donations here and there of Neo product or funds (like during the 2019 Australian Bushfires) have always just naturally occurred but an important and long lasting donation is always made to Food For Life Charity annually. We donate a percentage of our profits annually to Food for Life Charity and try to participate by donating prizes to local charity groups when possible."


Neo is a Certified B Corp - A FORCE FOR GOOD.

In spite of being  a small Australian business, to be a force for good, it is imperative we continue to be  responsible for ourselves, the people  with whom  we work, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate.

We will continue to source Certified Organic Ingredients, and aim to source Fair Trade and ethically made Teaware and Sustainable Packaging. In addition we work with other like minded and value based businesses where possible. Being transparent in our ingredients, packaging and operations is important in defining our success and impact on delivering wellness and helping you feel better through Tea.

We Give Back Annually - importantly we  have a long  lasting relationship  with the Charity “Food  For Life” to which we donate a percentage of our profits annually, a constant motivation  of our impact on the community.

At Neo we are passionate about having a positive impact on People as well as the Planet, please check out our Impact Report Here.



Founder Mona Webb