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Summer Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml

Introducing our Summer Cold Brew Tea Bottle, a uniquely designed Wine Shaped Tea Infuser Bottle that's not just an ice tea maker but also a versatile serving decanter. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this bottle is suitable for steeping tea in hot or cold water. Its stainless steel cone infuser, nestled within the silicone spout, ensures a leaf-free sipping experience, so no need to worry about tea leaves!

Packaged elegantly in a gift tube box, this bottle is available in a choice of three limited edition summer silicon lid colours: Sapphire Blue, Passionate Yellow, and Peachy Pink. With a generous size of 750ml, it's a stylish addition to any table setting or a perfect companion for crafting refreshing iced teas.

  • Included: Glass bottle for brewing, storing and serving cold-brewed tea.
  • Silicon stopper/lid and spout.
  • Stainless Steel cone filter captures tea leaves when pouring; no need to remove tea leaves.
  • Slim size fits in refrigerator door shelves.
  • Borosilicate glass bottle 750ml capacity.

More on Cold Brewing Tea: Brewing tea in cold water brings out the real flavour, distinct aroma of tea leaves with no bitter after taste. Neo's unique wine shapes bottle steeps tea in the fridge in 3-6 hours or overnight if you like it stronger. Or for a "quickie" ice tea, shock your brewed tea with ice cubes and fruit when left to cool for 30 minutes.

Peachy Pink
Passion Yellow
Sapphire Blue

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