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Neo Tealovers Luxury Travel Tin Tea Pack

A gorgeous set of our signature Travel Tea Tins that are packaged together with our top 9 teas that span all 4 tea types: herbals, greens, black tea and white tea. Esepcially curated for Tealovers, all loose leaf tea, making between 12-15 cups of tea.

These clever travel tins are designed to open by popping the middle, you'll hear a click and the lid will open and when you'd like to close the tin, just place the lid on top of the tin base and click sides together, you'll hear another click which closes the tin. Great little tea tin that can be taken anywhere, anytime on holidays, work or separated and gifted individually to friends. 

Our advise is, this is definitely a delicious splurge for yourself !

Teas in pack : Brahmi Memory Tea/Sleeping Beauty, Complexion Tea, Berrylicious, Wellbeing Herbal Infusion, Ginger Jiva, Eyebright Herbal Tea, French Earl Grey, Chocolate Dream Tea, Gorgeous Green Tea.

Available till stocks last.

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