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Energise Me Tea Set of 6 Loose Leaf Tea Tins

Supercharge, Energise, Invigorate and most of all Hydrate yourself with  6 of superfood bearing Energising Tea flavours, especially packaged together in our quirky tea tins which can be taken anywhere, anytime. 

Naturally stimulating ayurvedic, remedial herbal teas that help you feel better every moment, every day! With no or minimal caffeine, no calories or additives. Neo's Energise Me Tea Collection is vegan, organic and gluten free set of 6.
Stimulate and energise yourself - put a spring in your step! And oh by the way, an excellent choice to get a friend motivated and stimulated.

This aawesome sixsome contains a loose leaf tea tin each of :

Coconut Truffle
Oriental Bliss 
Gorgeous Green
French Earl Grey
White Tea Silver Needle