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Tea Brew Bag 4 Pack

Spoil yourself or friends with an irresistible tea experience! This exclusive gift set features 4 organic, natural blends of tea, herbs, and fruits. Delight in these flavours served in an eco-friendly, reusable Teabrewer bag, ensuring superior flavour extraction compared to standard tea bags. A sustainable & modern tea drinking experience, that can be drunk anywhere - work, camping, hiking or in the comfort of your own home. 
Stay energised naturally with these stimulating herbal tea packs!

A gift bound to captivate even the most dedicated tea connoisseurs in your circle!

Discover in the Tea Brew Bag Collection gift pack:
⭐️  4 different organic loose leaf tea blends 
🍵  4 tea flavours, including the most popular Nordic Berry Tea, Ginger Chai, Gluhwine Tea and Spicy Turmeric
🌱  4 Innovative and sustainable tea brewers 
🍵 Up to 8 delicious cups of tea to indulge in

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