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Happy Go-Lucky Dad

You got one of those dad's that loves goofing around, always cheerful and easy going ? Or want your dad to relax more and be super chilled , well this dandy duo is a goer. We've coupled our Happy Hemp Tea Infusion, a delightful, uplifting cheerful infusion of organic hemp seed and lemon myrtle that helps alleviate the mood and helps bring cheer and smiles to your face ! Hemp seed is also known to help relax and reduce any pain or discomfort whilst lemon myrtle is full of flavour and has excellent antibacterial properties to keep you Happy!

Paired up our Happy Hemp with our famous Neo Teastick Infuser, a super cool gadget that is love by every man! Scoops up the perfect amount of tea and infuses into a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes - tea is ready to go ! That'll definitely make dad happy !