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Winter Warmers

Temperatures are dropping across the country, which means sniffles and flus are on the rise so it’s time to stock your shelves with immunity building herbal teas. We spoke to nutritionist and health journalist Honor Tremain who says, “…I love using herbs and spices to build up immunity and to fight off infections naturally if they take hold!”. So here’s a few fabulous ways your comforting cup of herbal teas can help fight colds during the chilly months!

1. Time to Enjoy the Benefits of Turmeric! “One of my favourites is the golden wonder spice; turmeric, which has been used for centuries in the East for health,” says Honor.  “More recently it has been scientifically proven to fight colds, flus and infections of all kinds.”  Neo Australia’s Turmeric Tea is a zesty, refreshing tea made with turmeric, citrus, lemongrass, sunflower blossoms and a hint of strawberry. Like all Neo’s teas, it’s 100% organic and made according to ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipes.

2. Ginger Root – The Hero of Herbal TeasAccording to Honor… “Ginger is another favourite; able to fight off bacterial infections and flus, ease nausea and tummy upset, it can also additionally assist the body in warming. So on any of those super chilly days, a ginger tea can be your new best friend!” 

3. Wonderful in White The benefits of White Tea have been known for centuries however it’s often overlooked as people opt for its better-known cousins, black tea or green tea. In actual fact white tea is higher in antioxidants than both black or green tea because its leaves are less processed, which means its far more valuable as an immune system booster. 

3. Echinacea Tea – The Ultimate Antioxidant Boost Echinacea Tea is a wonderful way to naturally strengthen your immune system. It contains twice as many anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties when compared to other herbal teas, while also  very effective when taken with  vitamin C. Make it a daily addition to your health routine over the winter months and maximise the benefits.

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