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HUZZAH ! It is Spring ...time to turn over a new leaf as the saying goes and what more pleasant way to do it than by drinking copious amounts of herbal teas that help rejuvenate, renew and invigorate us to greet the new season in. Its time to stock your shelves with new immune building teas and teas that help combat the hayfever season.

We spoke to nutritionist and health journalist Honor Tremain who says, “…I love using herbs and spices to build up immunity and to fight off infections naturally if they take hold!”. So here’s a few fabulous ways you can hydrate and renew this Spring - a pot of tea a day keeps the doctor away !

1. Time to Enjoy the Benefits of Flower Power “One of our new teas is Flower Power Herbal Infusion - a delicate floral concoction I make for my husband each spring to help combat his hayfever and allergies " says Mona Webb. “More recently ayurvedic recipes of licorice, linden leaves, chamomile, peppermint and lemon mrytle to name a few herbs have been known to help clear the eyes, head and nasal passages for those who suffer form hayfever and bouts of sneezing and discomfort during the glorious spring season.., I was asked to introduce this in our Neo range by quite a few friends, and here it is!"

2. Complexion Tea - Spruce Up Your Insides. An amazing blend of unique ayurvedic herbs that help spruce up your insides, invigorate and stimulate metabolism. A delicious everyday morning infusion that helps remove winter toxins and helps eliminate winter lethargy. 

3. Wonderful in White The benefits of White Tea have been known for centuries however it’s often overlooked as people opt for its better-known cousins, black tea or green tea. In actual fact white tea is higher in antioxidants than both black or green tea because its leaves are less processed, which means its far more valuable as an immune system booster. Neo Australia’s Eyebright Tea is the rarest of white teas, harvested only two times per year at dawn. It contains a blend of organic eyebright herb and rose and can be enjoyed daily to keep you clear and bright eyed!

3. Happy Hemp Tea – Our Happy Tea!  Happy Hemp Tea is a wonderful way to naturally feel uplifted, light and cheerful. It contains twice as many anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties when compared to other herbal teas. Make it a daily addition to your health routine over the spring and summer months having it either hot or cold as a refreshing drink.

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