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White Tea Skin Rescue Kit

Rescue me, you know how the song goes, well here is the White Tea Skin Kit - skin rescue for skin that is regularly stressed, sunned and sapped from travel, wind, city life or hormones ! White Tea serum with its supporting cast of White Tea Facial Moisturiser and Pomegranate, Neem & White Tea Foaming Cleanser comes cleverly packed in a take away cosmetic bag.

Armed with advanced antioxidants that help re-hydrate skin, brighten tired, dull skin and lessen the look of lines.

Made with the extracts of the rarest tea in the world - White Tea Silver Needle, cellular renewal pomegranate and ayurvedic neem extract - perfect for minimising lines, brightening dull , tired looking skin and re-hydrating your skin - totally new and innovative from Neo.

Directions: Cleanse skin with Pomegranate, Neem & White Tea foaming cleanser - wash off. Apply a few drops all over face a couple of times a week - White Tea serum and follow with White Tea facial moisturiser. voila - brighter, beautiful skin.