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Wellbeing Tea Plus Thermal Tea Infuser Bottle

Whether you like hot cups of Wellbeing Tea or a refreshing icy cold brew of Wellbeing, which in our opinion, it is a more delicious and floral flavoured tea - get your water intake on the up and up with this satisfying ayurvedic concoction.  

A minty refreshing blend, has a great botanical mix which tastes naturally sweet - this is the best overall tea to neutralise stomach acidity, hydrate and restore you if you sweat alot, or have after a work out or very cooling on hot summer days. For people who get tired drinking boring water, pop some Wellbeing in your Thermal Stainless Steel Tea Bottle which brews hot or cold tea upto 10 hours.

This Duo comes with a jar of Wellbeing Tea and a Blue 1 Litre Thermal Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Bottle to keep you refreshed all day long. 

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