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Tea Treat

The Best Gifts Come in Small Packagaes: if you're mum, friend or granny is one of those that says she truly does not want anything, or says she's got it all... Then this is the best little bit of love to offer her! Three Neo Vitality Tea Tubes with a cute Leaf Tea Infuser so she has no excuse in not relaxing with a cuppa !

Our Vitality Tea Tube Trio consists of our famous Complexion Herbal Tea Tube that has a bouquet of Ayurvedic herbs that are known to help spruce up your insides and help increase lustre and shine to your skin. Gorgeous Green Tea Tube to help invigorate mid-day with double antioxidants compared to black tea and a refreshing Wellbeing TeaTube to help unwind after a busy day or to have as an after dinner mint tea.

Believe us ! Anyone who gets this Tea Treat Gift will be super relaxed and revived!
With each tube serving 12-15 cups of tea, using half a teaspoon per cup.

This package comes beautifully wrapped in Neo's signature box, a complementary gift card, a Tea Leaf Infuser (colour may vary) , a Tea Tube each of Complexion Tea, Gorgeous Green Tea & Wellbeing Tea.