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Super Sensitive Skin Duo Set

Neo's Super Sensitive Moisturising Cream is for sensitive & dry skin and has the ideal cleansing partner - Pomegranate, Neem & White Tea Foaming Cleanser. Foaming ?? we hear you say - yes foam but no soap, that is no sulphates that create 'soap' as we know it. It is the natural coconut extract that helps 'foam' and the pump action that helps foam this beautiful cleanser. A lovely foaming formula that helps sooth and clean skin at the same time, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Apply our Super Sensitive Moisturising Cream next and see how your skin appreciates the pamper. A gorgeous duo for gorgeous, lovely skin.

Directions: Apply cleanser in shower or with a touch of water, rub in gently and wash off with warm water. Apply required amount of moisturiser and massage in gently.

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