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Super Mum Turmeric Tea Set

Neo believes every mum is a superhero, and no matter her age or how much she juggles, she's bound to experience aches and pains from her busy life.

That's why every superhero mum could use our Turmeric Tonic Herbal Infusion. It's a zesty, delicious Ayurvedic tea crafted with certified organic turmeric, orange, and lemongrass, renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties and numerous health benefits for brain health and overall well-being.

And we're one step ahead – to simplify her life, Turmeric Tonic tea jar comes with our clever Iridescent Glass Teapot, ensuring your superhero mom has no excuses. We're dedicated to helping her feel good every day.

Please Note:
 Our teas are packaged and sold by weight not volume to ensure you are getting the same amount of tea every time. Due to the nature of the herbs in terms of their denseness and the complexity of our delicious, award winning tea blends, the physical levels of our tea jars vary.

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