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Stay Calm Tea Box

Neo Stay Calm Tea Box has 3 amazing teas that help calm anyone, they complement each other to help reduce stress, anxiety and help calm the nervous system. Based on ayurvedic recipes and herbs, these teas are caffeine free and are also suitable for both adults and children. All 3 teas can be drunk either hot or cold (during summer). 

The 3 Neo teas here are packaged in a size that can make up to 2L of tea in one big pot or you can pace yourself and make a cup a day, about 15-20 cups. Neo ayurvedic Calming Tea Trio has been carefully selected from our range of herbal teas that deliver optimum health, wellbeing and flavour. 

This Gift Set comes gorgeously packaged in our signature box, the 3 satchels consisting of our best calming and caffeine free teas that will relax, re-balance and de-stress.  
Ginger Jiva Tea,
Wellbeing Tea,
Comfort Tea.
With a handy Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tea Infuser and
A bonus collapsable drink bottle with a clip-on carrabena. 

Gift Boxed, valued at $60

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