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Stainless Steel Tea Infusion Chamber 18cm

A super fine stainless steel tea infuser chamber 18cm long that fits into our 1L Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle that clicks into place whilst you sip on your tea, filtering any loose leaf size of your choice.  The chamber is made of 2 parts, can be used together or separately. 
This can be used in a similar sized bottle (though it may not click into place but just sit in your bottle or cup).

Not a tea fan? Simply strain fruit, berries or herbs, for beautifully infused beverages. The stainless steel mesh filter will only allow flavour through!

 Unscrew the lid of the stainless steel infuser chamber. Add loose leaf tea of your choice and screw lid back on and click the infuser chamber back into the bottle. Add hot water for hot tea or icy cold water for cold brewing.

If you prefer your tea leaves or fruit infusions to float in your cup - you can pop everything in your neo bottle and just put the top smaller filter section of the chamber in.

Let infuse for 5-8 minutes before drinking. Place flip-top lid back on and take on the go. PS. Here's a bonus Ice Tea Guide that can be made in our nifty stainless steel double wall Tea Tumbler - click for guide.

Option :
Purchase the straw lid.
Or Purchase the cleaning brush.

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