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Rosehip Oil Moisturiser Trio

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Looking for the ultimate in anti-ageing creams, Neo now offers Triple Intensity with our  Rosehip Oil Trio Pack. Armed with essential fatty acids for new skin renewal and the unique ingredient for youth induced skin, try the Triple Rosehip Trio.

Deliver a punch to your facial routine : Neo's Rosehip Oil is surprising light weight and non sticky, it smooths right on to the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and firm.

Our Rosehip Oil Face Cream Moisturiser helps enhance hydration and gives skin a firmer, healthier, more lifted look, and at night, our Rosehip Oil Revitalising Facial Firming Cream provides intense moisture while you sleep.

Resulting in soft, smooth, youthful-looking skin. Firm to the Power of 3 !Consisting of full sized jars of our famous Rosehip Oil Moisturising Day Cream, Rosehip Oil Revitalising Facial Firming Night Cream and Pure Organic Rosehip Oil. All aspects of your day covered - and day, night and in between.

Directions: After Cleansing with Neo Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser and Toner, apply a drop of Neo Rosehip Oil around eye and lip area and then smooth over with Neo Rosehip Oil Facial Moisturising Day cream - apply make up as required. At night follow cleansing routine and then apply a drop of Neo Rosehip oil around eye area and Neo Revitalising Facial Firming cream over face and neck.