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Rosehip Oil Facial Toner Mini 60ml

Neo's famous and gentle Rosehip Oil Toner is now available in a travel size. So use it whilst travelling as a toner or a facial freshener / mist - you'll always feel fresh after application.

Water and allantoin Infused with rose petals, certified organic Rosehip oil and aloe vera. Designed to also help refine pores and reduce redness in your skin. Tighten pores, minimise redness and hydrate your skin - 3 excellent deliveries from the Rosehip Toner / Freshener. Tip: use as a spritz on face whilst travelling or as a pick me - to re-hydrate face and skin.

Directions: Apply onto cotton wool and wipe over face or spritz onto face directly. Can be used into a mask or also as an eye make up remover