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Rosehip Oil & Cream Duo

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For a tried and tested product, you cannot beat the powerful combination of the Neo Rosehip Oil Duo. Neo Rosehip Oil helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles - apply around eye and mouth area and the Neo Rosehip Oil Face Cream helps hydrate the skin, helps prevent premature ageing and helps nourish and smooth the skin. Presto ! Great skin with minimal effort.

Neo Rosehip Oil is certified Organic and is a cold pressed oil - the first press which makes it far superior to others. Excellent properties to help generate skin tissue and help minimise scarring, also known to help relieve eczema and extreme dryness. Used in conjunction with our beautifully absorbing Rosehip Oil Face Cream - get quicker results. Smooth, hydrated and beautiful skin - our Neo promise to you.

Directions: Neo Rosehip Oil can be used for lines around eyes and mouth or use to help relieve eczema, itchy skin or extreme dryness. Apply liberally over dry areas. Neo Rosehip Oil Moisturising cream is a facial firming cream that can be used over the top of the oil and smooth all over face and neck. Can be repeated twice a day.

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