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Rosehip Oil Clay Mask 100g Deep Cleansing

Neo Rosehip Oil Clay Mask is a deep penetrating mask made with French pink and white active mineral clay that deep cleanses and firms the skin. To be applied once a week, excellent for oily to normal skin type. Beauty about our mask is that your face does not crack when you smile - so it remains moist ! A complete Rosehip solution.

Not recommended for super sensitive skin or skin with eczema - or open wounds (ie blemishes). Tip: Use all over neck and décolletage to help firm your skin. Ideal for any skin type.

Directions: Apply once or twice a week, add a few drop of water to a thin layer of mask all over the face avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave on for 7-10 minutes and wash off immediately. Active mineral clay may tingle a touch - use a fan to fan your face or water down with our Rosehip Toner / Freshener or plain water.