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Rainbow Unicorn Tea Party Trio

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A delicious selection of our ruby red Berrylicious Tea Infusion and Bewitching Blue Tea - a blue concoction and a fanciful Unicorn Tea Infuser makes this a magical trio. Watch a rainbow form when infusing one tea with another, colour changing and deliciously fruity - a delightful gift for anyone.

Bewitching Blue Tea is a unique tea that infuses blue in hot water, infused with acai and goji berries - superfood charged infusion that can be paired with our very own Unicorn Tea Infuser makes everything fanciful and delightful. 

Indulge in Neo's Bewitching Blue Tea by adding a teaspoon to our Unicorn Tea Infuser and watch your cup infuse into a bluey infusion, add some magic with a dash of lemon and see your tea change to purple !

Berrylicious Tea Infusion is a ruby red infusion of raspberries, elderberries, strawberries and gooseberries that tastes amazing and can be cold brewed, high in Vitamin C naturally and caffeine free, this fruity drink can be substituted for water as it hydrates and invigorates. Add it to our Unicorn Tea Infuser for extra fun! 

The Unicorn Tea Infuser perches itself on the side of your cup and brings delight with every sip. Enjoy this cute duo as a gift for yourself or your bff. This trio comes beautifully presented in a box together. Sizes enclosed are the Neo Travel Tea tin sizes.

Tip: You can have a rainbow tea party by adding half a teaspoon of the two teas to your unicorn and watch the magic.

Directions: Gently pull apart the unicorn body and insert your favourite Neo tea into one half of the unicorn. Then push the two halves together or squeeze together until the unicorn tea infuser becomes one piece. Pop the unicorn tea infuser into a cup of hot water and let the tea infuse for 5 minutes or longer if required stronger. 

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