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Pore Perfections Skincare Pack

Neo's solution to Pore Perfections is the powerful combination of Ayurvedic herbs blended in essential oils and plant extracts. This powerful trio of our Neem Facial Moisturising cream, Limone Facial Cleanser and Rosehip Oil Toner helps improve problem, acne prone skin and restores skin lustre to radiantly glowing, healthy skin.

Cleanse skin with Limone Cleanser - excellent for radiant, blemish free skin.Still a winner, Limone Cleanser helps with acne prone skin, large pores and oily skin. The unique formula balances oil production and prevents the skin going into a vicious circle of being oily and dry. Based on an ayurvedic recipe, this cleanser is suited to all skin types except dry skin and considered by both men and women. Also it may be used in the shower and washed off with water.

Tone with Rosehip Toner - helps tighten pores and the rosehip helps prevent scarring from stubborn blemishes.

Neem moisturising cream finishes the trio with glowing results - quickly absorbed leaving your skin hydrated and balanced.

Directions: Cleanse face with Limone Cleanser - apply to wet or damp face, wash off and pat face dry. Apply Rosehip Toner onto a cotton ball and wipe over face - especailly open or larger pores. Finally massage Neem moisturiser all over face and either apply makeup over the top or leave as is.