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Pomegranate, White Tea & Neem Cleanser 150ml

Neo's Pomegranate, White Tea & Neem Cleanser is a total pore perfecting cleanser and is one of our finest. If you like a bit of foam action, without the dryness of soap and chemicals this would suit. Enriched with Pomegranate, White tea extract and Neem oil , it gets deep down into pores removing direct and grease and then helping to reduce pore size. It is perfect for any skin type.

Pomegranate extract known is known for cellular renewal, Neem extract is nature's own antibacterial and White Tea extract which is armed with advanced antioxidants - this cleanser is also perfect for skin that is stressed, dehydrated, dull or going through hormonal imbalance.

Directions: The pump action lets out a snowy foamy blob that you can apply all over face to remove makeup, dirt and grime. Apply to damp or wet face, wash off and apply one of our luxe moisturisers.