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Lavender & Neem Shampoo Travel Size 60ml

Now in the much awaited travel size. Great for planes, hotels or when on the move and in need of minimal weight !

Lavender & Neem Shampoo for Dry, Damaged Hair.

Give your hair a detox treatment with the Ayurvedic healing ingredients of Neem, Lavender and Calendula. Neem helps restore luster and shine to hair, the added vitamins help healthy hair growth and detox the scalp from impurities.

TIP: Great for dandruff or even nits in kids hair.

Directions: Apply Lavender & Neem shampoo to wet hair and massage in thoroughly, you may want to repeat the process again if your hair needs a quick boost. Once lathered in, wash off and apply a smaller amount of Calendula & Neem conditioner if preferred, wash off after a few minutes.