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Iridescent Glass Teapot with Infuser 350ml

Are you ready to brew an exquisite pot of loose leaf tea? Our gorgeous, iridescent glass teapot with a gold stainless steel lid/infuser will let you do just that. The translucent glass pot allows you to look through to ensure your brew is as strong as you like it.

The gold lid has a built in unique French Press styled infuser lid that will strain the loose leaf tea as you pour. This teapot is also idea to showcase your favourite blooming tea or if you prefer it can also be used with a regular teabag.

Neo’s Iridescent Glass Teapot is made with high quality borosilicate glass and comes with a stainless steel, rose gold infuser/lid for loose leaf tea with a capacity of 350ml. Thoughtfully designed with a modern square handle which is cool to the touch.

Neo’s philosophy is all about simple, sustainable living. We aim to eliminate the use of plastics in our product range. This glass teapot is BPA free, reusable and versatile, an innovative addition to our teaware range.

Please Note, design on lid: Attention: Teapot Lid Reminder Please remove the teapot lid by placing all fingers around the rim and gently pulling it off. Avoid using the decorative 'handle' as it's for aesthetics only and may break if used. Although the teapot functions perfectly, the decorative handle may detach. Please note: refunds are not available for handle breakage. Thank you for your understanding.

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