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Iridescent Glass Iced Tea Carafe 1.5L

Neo's Iridescent Glass Ice Tea Carafe  is the best and versatile jug around this season!

This gorgeous carafe is made with borosilicate glass and has a built-in infuser, allowing lots of fruity options for the perfect iced tea. The lid is rose gold made with stainless steel and has a silicon seal that keeps flavours fresh, with filter holes in its rim that capture tea leaves or fruit as you pour.  

The carafe fits most fridge doors and holds 1.5L. Hot water can be poured directly into the carafe to brew tea and 10 minutes later you can shock the brew with ice cubes and fruit to make instant iced tea. Or make cold brews overnight. Great for entertaining or keeping you hydrated at home.

Plus to get you started receive a FREE Bonus Ice Tea 2L Sachet that will keep you hydrated.

  • Included: Glass carafe for brewing, storing and serving cold-brewed tea.
  • Rose gold lid/ with Silicon stopper/spout.
  • Stainless Steel lid  with little holes that filter, captures tea leaves when pouring; no need to remove tea leaves.
  • Slim size fits in most refrigerator doors.
  • Borosilicate glass bottle 1.5L capacity.

More on Brewing Tea: This carafe is ideal for sun brewing also.

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