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Eye Bright Herbal Tea Sip Kit

Neo's Eyebright Tea Sip Kit is a tea tube of Bright Eyes ! White tea with goji berries, eyebright herb and moroccan rose - A stimulating infusion in the morning to pep you up !

Our adorable Sip Kits have been designed to give you a taste of our amazing tea concoctions that help you or a friend feel better everyday!

Paired with a cute leaf infuser - a delightful treat for your bff.

Sure, it can also be gifted to your mum, neighbour, staff or just as cute thanks.

 P.S. Tea Leaf Infuser colour is inter-changable depending if shown colour is in stock or not.

Directions: Tap half a teaspoon into the leaf infuser, sit the infuser in a cup and pour boiling water as desired. Let infuse for 5-7 minutes and then remove. This tea is delicious hot or cold.