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Echinacea Tea Gift Set

Immune Booster Echinacea Accelerator has been paired with our Cold Brew Bottle, so you can drink it either hot or cold and start stacking your immune system with super antioxidants. 

Show off your ice tea making skills with our unique wine shaped Cold Brew Tea Bottle- the best ice tea maker, which is made from borosilicate glass and steeps tea hot or cold. It has a stainless steel cone infuser that fits into the silicon spout, so you're not spitting out tea leaves!

Add ice or mint sprigs to the bottle after the tea is steeped, sip in style and stay super hydrated all through the trans-seasonal periods during the year. Alternatively cold brew your tea for 24 hours in the fridge, and enjoy a cold delicious brew. Or even use the bottle as a decanter for hot tea.

Beautifully packaged in a presentable or gift tube box is the Aqua silicon lidded Bottle (size 750ml) with built in cone stainless steel infuser and a full jar of Echinacea Accelerator Tea.

More on Cold Brewing Tea: Brewing tea in cold water brings out the real flavour, distinct aroma of tea leaves with no bitter after taste. Neo's unique wine shapes bottle steeps tea in the fridge in 3-6 hours or overnight if you like it stronger. Or for a "quickie" ice tea, shock your brewed tea with ice cubes and fruit when left to cool for 30 minutes.

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