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Dried Orange Slices

Level Up any iced tea, cocktail, cheese & fruit platter with delicious naturally dried, dehydrated Orange Slices that have been beautifully sliced and are full of flavour and fragrance. Sourced from a sustainable farm in north west NSW, all proudly Australian Grown in the aussie sun.

No preservatives, makes these slices super tasty, bursting with flavour and can be eaten as is. We love adding them to our iced teas, lovely presented on cakes and slices too !

Pack contains 7 premium Dried Orange Slices- as per a whole slice. They come beautifully packaged in a foil sealable pack and a lovely box to keep them or gift them in.

Directions: Add to your iced tea or cocktail with an option of a gentle sprinkle of icing sugar (or not). Add to cheese platters or cakes for flavour and presentation.

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