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Carnival Candy Tea

Our mostly caffeine free Tea Tube set is crazy fun. Why? Because every tea in this set tastes like candy or reminds you of delicious carnival drinks. These sweet teas are full of antioxidants to energise and hydrate you too. With no calories and next to no caffeine, a total candy treat like no other. 

Included in this super delicious 5 set is Bewitching Blue Tea, Comfort Tea with licorice, Love Potion with strawberry love hearts, Eyebright with rose buds and Oriental bliss with acai berries in tubes. All the fun and flavour of fairy floss & no calories. It's like drinking fairy floss in a cup.

What makes it even better

  •  Comes with a Tea Leaf Infuser.
  • This carnival favourite will definitely delight the 'kid 'in us
  • Our way to drink it? Iced or put through Soda Stream and then make your own spiders, with a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream. Tealicious!!

Directions: Add half a teaspoon per cup to the leaf infuser and add to a cup of hot water, let infuse for 3-5 mins. For iced tea add 1 teaspoon to the infuser and let infuser as per above and then pour over ice for a 'quickie' ice tea.