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BabyNeo Nappy Balm 55g

A soothing balm to be used at each nappy change to keep your baby's bottom smooth and soft.

BabyNeo's Baby Balm is a thick cream created to protect the skin, especially for parts of the skin exposed to elements such as wind, water, and other fluids. It is a thick layer for bottoms ideal at nappy time for constant protection.

Our balm is a multi-purpose balm which can be used on new-borns, babies and toddlers. It is also suitable for minor skin irritation, rashes and is designed to soften skin that is affected by rashes or nappy rash.

Our baby balm is available in an easy to dispense 55g tube that fits so nicely into your nappy bag, making it easier at nappy change time and when you are travelling.

Note: Do not rub balm or moisturiser into areas of skin that are cracked or broken, as irritation may occur.

Directions: Apply as required at each nappy change time onto baby's bottom and rub in gently.