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Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea

There are various and many differences between Loose Leaf Tea and Tea packaged in Teabags, and this difference goes far beyond the appearance of the tea and the form it is presented to you in.
Generally speaking the leaves used in most tea bags are broken leaves or more better known as 'dust and fannings'.  This alone is a huge contributing factor in quality when comparing tea bags to loose leaf tea.
Upon steeping, the tea or 'dust tea' in tea bags release more tannins than loose leaf tea, therefore many consider the tea as a bitter brew or astringent taste.
Secondly the size, shape and material from which the tea bag is made also contributes to the quality of the brew and its taste. Generally tea leaves are constrained within a teabag and don't open up to release their aroma or flavour fully.
Traditionally due to time constraints or habits most people find it easier using a teabag - however Neo has a variety of tea infusers that help brew loose leaf tea as fast as a teabag and definitely more efficiently releasing full flavour and a gorgeous aroma.
We've made a conscious decision to keep the Neo Tea Infusions as a Loose leaf option so you get to enjoy the amazing difference our herbs offer.

Why Choose Organic Tea

Here's a few reasons to why we think choosing organic produce or organically grown ingredients may be of benefit. We are not saying it is the only choice or the best choice, but it is a choice of why we choose to use and have our products ACO Certified Organic.

The organic farming of fruits, vegetables and grains, is simply healthier, safer and proven better for us. It is better for the farms, environment, earth and natural resources used around farming. Farmers use natural predators and methods to control pests and a calculated rotation of crops each year to keep the soil rich, effective fertile. Crop rotation may also reduces soil erosion in some areas where drought or flooding conditions may be prevalent. 

Organic farming allows life to prosper naturally and also reduces the carbon and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. With the reduction or usage of chemical pesticides used in growing herbs there is a cost of producing pure, unadulterated product and unaltered plant genetics - these plants when consumed give us maximum benefit, goodness and increase healthy cellular renewal in our body. In some cases organic produce also increases longevity, helps reduce the speed of diseases within our bodies and give us the best of nutrients to combat infections.

Therefore where possible we try to source ACO certified organic herbs and teas for our tea ingredients to give you maximum benefit. Some of our infusions may not be certified organic, yet most of the ingredients within these teas are organically grown and are 100% natural.