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Peachy Keen Ice Tea Starter Kit

Experience a refreshing Summer with our Cold Brew Tea Bottle & Peachy Keen Tea Starter Kit! Make Peach Ice Tea within minutes!

You'll be the centre of attention among tea and water enthusiasts when you show up with our Wine Shaped Cold Brew Tea Infuser Bottle – the ultimate iced tea maker. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, it's designed for steeping tea, hot or cold. The stainless steel cone infuser fits snugly into the silicone spout, ensuring no stray tea leaves end up in your sip!

Our Peachy Keen Tea  is a juicy Peach Tea infusion that is made with summery peaches, rosehips, sunflower blossoms, hibiscus and more - a medley of delicious, bright summer fruits that together infuse to make the best Australian Peach tea ever.  Not only does it look refreshing but also tastes amazing when brewed in this bottle. Making iced tea is a breeze and takes just minutes, without the added calories, sugar, or caffeine found in commercially produced iced peach teas.

Whether you're indulging yourself or treating a friend, this kit is beautifully packaged in a presentable, giftable tube box. Inside, you'll find a 750ml Blue silicone-lidded Bottle with a built-in stainless steel cone infuser and a jar of Peachy Keen tea. It's the perfect way to savour Summer's flavours

More on Cold Brewing Tea:Brewing tea in cold water brings out the real flavour, distinct aroma of tea leaves with no bitter after taste. Neo's unique wine shapes bottle steeps tea in the fridge in 3-6 hours or overnight if you like it stronger. Or for a "quickie" ice tea, shock your brewed tea with ice cubes and fruit when left to cool for 30 minutes.

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