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Explore our incredible range of herbal teas! Teas including Brahmi Memory Tea, Complexion Tea, Wellbeing Tea and Energy Revive Tea are blended according to ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipes, which are based on the selection of pure, organic herbs that support the natural processes in the body.

Neo Herbal Teas, such as our Turmeric Tea, are made from organic herbs and spices and are free of caffeine, pesticides, bulking agents and chemicals. They have been naturally shade dried to ensure maximum retention of potency and flavour.

Please note all our teas in jars make 100 cups using half a teaspoon and come in various weights. Some are light and fluffy and some are heavier herbal teas. Therefore some jars look topped up and some look 3/4 full as they are heavier and denser. In all cases, the herbal teas in jars will make the same amount of tea.

We hope you enjoy your Neo Herbal Tea!