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Vitality Neo Tea Travel Tin Trio

Neo's Vitality Tea Travel Tin Trio is a balancing set of 3 teas that help detox, increase metabolism and neutralise the digestive system. Complexion for your body and Gorgeous Green for metabolism and Wellbeing perfect as an after dinner mint tea to help settle the stomach. All come packaged beautifully in our signature Travel Tea Tins. 

This set includes :  Complexion Herbal Tea, Gorgeous Green Tea and Wellbeing Infusion. Each making at least 10-12 cups of tea, take them anywhere, anytime. These cuties are perfect for gifting or to sample yourself.

Collect all 16 !

Directions: Add half to one teaspoon per cup of tea, add boiling water and let infuse for 3-5minutes. If you prefer your tea iced, make the brew stronger and add ice to it after it infuses or refrigerate after the 1st instruction. Add berries to add flavour if desired.