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Monsoon Breeze Organic Deodorant 70ml

Stay fresh naturally with our aluminium free, organic deodorants, infused lightly with essential oils. This formulation is a liquid formula that was tested on people that played tennis for a whole year. That is correct, sweaty people in need of deodorant who gave us feedback on our formulation which we perfected and bottled !

So Monsoon Breeze deodorant is effective even for the most active people. Ideal for sensitive skin and young teenagers also. No white marks ever again!

Monsoon Breeze - citrusy, musky rose with ylang ylang

Directions: Apply any time, best first thing after a shower. Good size for your purse or travel pack. (If you are especially sweaty or smelly - you may need to reapply in the afternoon - remember they are organic after all !)

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