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Love Potion Tea Elixir Duo Kit

Sip the enchanting blend of our sweet Love Potion Tea, a delightful concoction that weaves together the warmth of sweet strawberry love hearts, rose petals with the tender notes of a delicious green tea - will get your heart racing!

Make your own hot or cold elixir with our Ruby Red Cold Brew Bottle * that makes chilled tea in minutes or if you prefer hot, its special borosilicate glass will steep your tea to hot perfection.
Tip add fresh or frozen strawberries for extra effect and taste.

Love Potion does exactly that - fall in love! with our tea or another, either way you'll be in love 😍 with this stimulating blend.

*Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, the cold brew bottle is designed for steeping tea, hot or cold. The stainless steel cone infuser fits snugly into the silicone spout, ensuring no stray tea leaves end up in your sip!

Whether you're indulging yourself or treating a friend, this kit is beautifully packaged in a presentable, giftable tube box. Inside, you'll find a 750ml Red silicone-lidded Bottle with a built-in stainless steel cone infuser and a jar of Love Potion tea. the iced option is a perfect way to savour Summer's flavours plus a Rose Gold Cone Strainer.

More on Cold Brewing Tea:Brewing tea in cold water brings out the real flavour, distinct aroma of tea leaves with no bitter after taste. Neo's unique wine shapes bottle steeps tea in the fridge in 3-6 hours or overnight if you like it stronger. Or for a "quickie" ice tea, shock your brewed tea with ice cubes and fruit when left to cool for 30 minutes.

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