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French Earl Grey Tea 130g Refill

Our unique French Earl Grey Tea Large refill pack is designed to refill your jar and has been cleverly packaged into an innovative biodegradable pack that has been designed on our gorgeous iconic apothecary jar. Refill your jar or pretend this pack is your jar - either way it looks fab on the shelf or in your pantry or as a gift.

Neo's French Earl Grey is a truly classic tea. Neo has taken the base of a magnificent black Earl Grey tea, beautifully blended it with the alchemy of french bergamot, rose petals, sunflower blossoms and hibiscus. 

Absolutely refreshing and invigorating. The sprinkling of gorgeous flower petals is a treat for both the palate and the eyes. Neo's French Earl Grey is a twist on the traditional earl grey and leaves a surprisingly tantalising sensation in your mouth.

Directions: Add one teaspoon per cup of boiling water. Infuse for 5 minutes. Add honey if you like it sweeter. Or add milk if you prefer.

Please Note:
 Our teas are packaged and sold by weight not volume to ensure you are getting the same amount of tea every time. Due to the nature of the herbs in terms of their denseness and the complexity of our delicious, award winning tea blends, the physical levels of our tea jars vary.

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