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Happy Tummy Trio

Tummy Troubles ? Or wanting to cleanse and get rid of excess toxins, waste or just settle gut uneasiness ? Our Tummy Trio is made with a combination of ayurvedic and naturopathic complementing tea sets that help balance the digestive system by reducing acidity with the help of alkaline herbs. Fennel & Mint in our Wellbeing Tea are bloat-beating powerful ayurvedic herbs that action fast.
Gorgeous Green tea complements by helping boost metabolism and helps invigorate the system with double strength antioxidants compared to black tea with the bonus of minimal caffeine. Drinking before or with meals has been known to help with weight loss.
Sleeping Beauty is a combination of herbs that help relax mind and body and give great sleep. It helps the body rejuvenate and recover to cope the following day. Also blended with the added benefit of stomach-settling naturopathic herbs.

A truly unique combination of three complementing teas that are super effective when taken on a day that help detox on a different level. Presented with a FREE Leaf Tea Infuser so you have no excuses.

Happy Tummy Trio consists of full size jars of Wellbeing Digestive Tea, Gorgeous Green Tea, Sleeping Beauty Tea, Free Tea Leaf Infuser (infuser colour may vary).

Please Note:
 Our teas are packaged and sold by weight not volume to ensure you are getting the same amount of tea every time. Due to the nature of the herbs in terms of their denseness and the complexity of our delicious, award winning tea blends, the physical levels of our tea jars vary.

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