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SuperFood Tea Trio

Superfood Tea Trio are Neo's 3 unique tea infusions that help boost the immune system and help reduce viral infections. Our gorgeous teas come packaged beautifully in Neo's iconic recycled glass jars.

1. Oriental Bliss is a beautiful blend of double strength antioxidant green tea leaves with acai, goji berries and pomegranates. Giving you an energy boost and a boost of delicious, fruity taste.

2. Coconut Tea Truffle is an amazing White tea that is infused with coconut, carob, vanilla and blackberry leaves that is naturally high in antioxidants.

3. Eyebright Herbal Tea infusion is a gorgeous blend of white tea, green tea, goji berries, eyebright herb and moroccan rose that is delicate in taste yet has triple strength antioxidants compared to black tea.

Our Superfood Tea Trio comes with a glass Unimug .

Directions: For one cup of tea, measure half a teaspoon or one teaspoon (if you like a strong cup) and infuse with hot water for 3-5 minutes. Add honey if you like. Alternatively, cool down and have it as a cold drink or iced tea. Tip: Try adding fresh strawberries to the Eyebright Herbal tea when iced. Or Ice Coconut Truffle, fabulous at summer parties.

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