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Push Button Glass Teapot 500ml

A cute Glass Teapot that has a unique push/press button system that lets the tea drain from the infuser chamber once infused. Open the lid and pop tea leaves into the infuser chamber and pour hot water into this. Once infused, press the red lever/button and watch your infused tea magically drop into the bottom of the teapot without the leaves.

The infuser chamber strains the tea and keep the leaves within it, leaving you with a pure brew without the 'bits'.

The whole teapot comes apart to wash easily. 500ml in size.

Directions: For Hot Tea : Pop loose leaf tea into the infuser chamber, add hot water and let infuse for 3-5minutes. Then press the red lever and watch the strained tea drip to the bottom of the teapot without the leaves. Serve as required.

For Iced Tea : Place ice at the bottom of the teapot and follow the above step. You will see the strained tea shall drip onto the ice - producing immediate iced tea.