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Neo Tea Tumbler Infuser Bottle 500ml

Neo's nifty stainless steel double wall Tea Tumbler Infuser bottle lets you take your tea anywhere and anyhow. Keeps your tea icy cold or piping hot for hours on end. The bottle comes with a super fine stainless steel tea infuser channel that clicks into place whilst you sip on your tea, filtering any loose leaf size of your choice. 

A durable hard body design that can be taken anywhere, infuse with tea or with your favourite fruit/water infusions - a gorgeous blue that will hydrate you on the go.

Directions: Pull out chamber from Neo Tea Tumbler Infuser Bottle and unscrew the lid. Add loose leaf tea of your choice and screw lid back on and click the infuser chamber back into the bottle. Add hot water for hot tea or icy cold water for cold brewing.

Let infuse for 5-8 minutes before drinking. Place fliptop lid back on and take on the go. 

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