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Edible Floral Sprinkles

Spark instant joy into your morning cuppa, latte, smoothie, salad, ice cream treat or desert with our delightful floral sprinkles, an absolutely joyous edible blend. The best of Neo's edible floral blossoms used in some of our tea infusions are now available to sprinkle over your favourite drinks and foods. 

Do something just for the fun of it, woo yourself or a friend or just be the hostess with the mostest with this delightful blend of sunflower blossoms, calendula and cornflower blossoms. A super mild flavoured blend, yet amazingly vibrant, it'll  put a lift to any drink or meal. Made with certified organic ingredients, beautifully packaged in our airtight mini jar. 

Directions: Sprinkle a pinch full or as desired.

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