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Detox / Weight Loss

Loose weight and detox the last awful to feel better in this New Year. Here's our Top 10 Teas that are packed with plant power & antioxidants to help you spruce up your insides, feel better and renewed for the New Year - 

Detox and Lose weight together with founder are her tips. "2021 I'm preparing to lose some of the extra kilos I accumulated last year which was due to eating heaps of comfort food and general lack of enthusiasm due to restrictions and this is what I've planned, perhaps you'd like to join my journey and we can chat about it - let's say in 8 weeks !?!"

TIP 1: Start mornings off with a cup of Complexion Tea, and a protein shake for breaky. Walk or exercise for 30 mins.
Tip 2: A delicious cup of Gorgeous Green Tea for morning tea or before lunch to kick start your metabolism followed by a light salad.
Tip 3: A few glasses of Bewitching Blue Iced Tea, especially if you're not one to drink too much water, great way to stay hydrated & full.
Tip 4: Dinner - I'm vegetarian, so something home made and sensible, followed by Wellbeing Digestive Tea to help digest and reduce bloating.
During the day I'll be cutting out deserts, (my weakness) and be replacing this with naturally sweet Berrylicious Iced Tea or Coconut Truffle Infusion.
and oh, a dry January ! Let me know how you go... 

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